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About HDMI Splitters

An HDMI splitter takes a single source, such as Blu-ray or a cable or satellite box, and distributes the HDMI signal to multiple televisions or computers. High grade cable is recommended when using splitters due to the added resistance of connecting several devices through multiple ports. The most common splitter is a 1:2 or a one-to-two connection, one cable for two devices. The HDMI cable is attached to the source, such as a cable box output port and connected to the desired additional device input port. Provided you are using high-quality HDMI cables, the splitter can be used up to 15.2 metres away from the splitter location, although most audio/video professionals usually recommend 7.25 metres. A general duty 28AWG cable can be used for shorter distances. The HDMI splitter is so easy to install, without complex tools or directions, you can have multiple tellies attached to your cable or satellite box in just a few minutes.