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A widely recognised symbol of love and affection, the heart shape is found on items as varied as greeting cards and candle stands. Buyers can add it to their home décor in numerous ways.

Hanging decorations and picture frames come in different styles suitable for either contemporary or traditionally styled interiors. The shape also makes for excellent accessories to use in crafts and jewellery making. Explore the plethora of heart items to give your home, crafts, or jewellery some love.

About Heart

The heart symbol has been used since the 13th century as a metaphor for love, and since it was used in 1977 for the slogan 'I™¥ New York', it also has popular use as a logograph to replace the word 'love'. Because of its popular connection with love, and the giving of one's heart to someone else, it has very positive vibes, and is therefore a popular symbol to decorate living space, work space, and clothing. Love Hearts are fizzy, sugary sweets which are round, with an embossed heart shape. Inside the heart is a message, which is usually a sweet message of love or connection. Small tubes of these sweets are popular in bridal favours at weddings, as a fun addition to other items in the bag. Shabby chic is a style of interior decoration that can be very sweet-looking or even carefully kitsch, and it often utilises the heart symbol with painted wooden hearts hanging in a room, sometimes with a loving message inscribed. Similar decorations can also be found in varying materials, including metal, porcelain and fabric. Soft, stuffed hearts are sometimes used for Christmas decorations on the tree. The positive connotations held by the shape allow it to be used across a large number of different festivals and traditions. Rings '“ especially those destined to be engagement rings '“ can sometimes hold heart-shaped diamonds or other precious stone in the same shape, although these are not the most popular cuts. The majority of the facets in a heart-shaped cut are usually around the edge, with the centre made flat.