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A heated propagator helps seedlings and cuttings grow until they are healthy enough to be planted in a permanent setting. This device is a sealed unit that maintains temperature when set between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The internal air is controlled by an adjustable vent on the lid, which helps regulate the humidity.

An on and off switch allows you to control the device between uses. Help make your plants as healthy as possible with a heated propagator.

About Heated Propagator

A heated propagator is a horticultural device used to maintain a warm and damp environment for seeds and cuttings germinate. They allow users to monitor and adapt conditions in order to grow a specific cutting or seed which may not prosper in the natural climate available. Heated propagators are ideal for keen gardeners who require a product to ensure a constant and specific temperature in which to grow their chosen plants. They also allow the user to control the air temperature and humidity, using vents in the product?s lid, allowing conditions to be altered to best suit the particular cutting or seed. Powered using electricity, heated propagators are largely economical products, requiring approximately the same power as a standard light bulb. Heated propagators are also very durable, and feature a clear lid enabling the user to monitor the progress of their cuttings or seeds at any time. Based on the progress of cuttings and seeds, the user is able to adjust the environment, enabling the user to ensure optimum growth conditions. They are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit any space required. Products are also available in a range of conditions, many products are brand new and ex-display, non-boxed products, used propagators and extra parts,such as a spare lid are also available meaning there?s something for every budget and requirement.