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The Henry hoover, with its distinctive smiling face, is one of Numatic's most famous creations. Its evolution over time has resulted in several versions. Though the red model is the most common, Henry also comes in green, blue, and yellow.

Besides superficial variations, the most significant differences are inside. The "Xtra" uses less power, while the "Hound" has powerful, sophisticated filtering. The Henry hoover gives you a light and reliable vacuum with a cute, cartoonish face.

About Henry Hoovers

Easily the most recognisable vacuum cleaner in the UK, Henry Hoover was born in 1981. Today, smiling, happy Henry helps keep your carpets clean with superb suction. Originally only available in red, Henry is now available in four different colours. There are many different Henry models available, each capable of being dependable however much you need to clean. For example, the Henry Hoover Model HVR200A has a Twinflo 2 stage motor, meaning that Henry is not just quiet; he is also guaranteed to have a long lifespan with impeccable results. Henry has an autosave function, which means that when you turn him on he automatically starts in energy conservation mode. This reduces his power consumption by half, saving you on your energy bills in the long run. However, if you press the Hi switch on Henry Hoover, he doubles the power. Henry Hoover can be used on carpets, wooden floors, concrete, and lino. Buy Henry the Hoover from eBay and welcome an essential new family member into your home.