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About Hexbug Nano

The Hexbug Nano is a robotic insect intended as a toy, stress release device, or educational aid. Powered by an easily replaceable watch battery, the Nano uses its legs to move around as a real beetle would. If it bumps into an object or solid surface, the Nano moves off in a different direction. Its can also right itself if it falls on its back. The Hexbug Nano's movement is controlled by a rotating counterweight inside the creature's body. When the counterweight rotates down to its lowest position, the Nano's flexible legs bend as if it were preparing to jump. As the counterweight moves back up, the pressure in the legs is released and the bug hops forward a small amount. The fast rotation of the counterweight and shortness of the bug's legs means that the Nano appears to walk rather than hop. The Nano features a wide range of accessories, allowing owners to use their bugs in different ways. For example, Hexbug offers a construction set, enabling owners to build tracks, ramps and structures for their bugs to move about it. This allows for Nanos to be raced against each other, or for owners to construct a ?hive? for their bugs to live in. There are also a wide range of novelty Hexbug Nano products, including Christmas tree ornaments and "glow in the dark" bug habitats. Available in a wide range of colours, the Nano is extremely collectable. Hexbug occasionally makes special editions of the bugs, including zombie and mummy-themed examples.