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A hi-fi system delivers superior sound quality in stereo in a single compact package. It's bigger than an MP3 player necessarily and has the capacity to play different types of sound media.

Bigger than a pocket player but smaller and more portable than a sound system made from components, a hi-fi system is something of a compromise but delivers high quality for its size. Take the music with you wherever you go with a hi-fi system.

About Hi-Fi Systems

Enjoy your favourite music the way it's meant to be heard with a hi fi system. Hi fi stands for high fidelity and refers to stereo equipment that reproduces sound as close to the original as possible. In order to construct a high fidelity system of your own, you'll need a few components. At minimum, you will need an amplifier, a CD or record player, and a set of stereo speakers. Among these parts, there is an endless amount of variation. For example, a vintage hi fi system draws from past technology to give music a richer but perhaps less refined sound. On the other end of the spectrum, a Bose hi fi system is at the forefront of music reproduction technology. eBay's top-rated sellers offer both vintage and Bose systems, as well as everything in between. Many include free shipping with their new or used systems, reducing the hassle and fees associated with setting up your stereo. A hi fi system can help you listen to music in an entirely new way and is well worth a space in your home.