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The hipster style is one of the few that mutates with the current fashion trends of each generation. Though most characterise it with the American 1960 hippies, the hipster style has many different genres, from hippy to grunge.

All you have to do is find unique clothing with a bit of a worn or vintage look. Feel free to mismatch tops with brightly-coloured trousers because this style is all about you. Be your own trendsetter.

About Hipster

Hipster is an attitude, not merely a fashion choice. Join the growing subculture of middle class adults and teens opting for a more varied, mainstream alternative. The overall 'hipster' look can be achieved a number of ways, and can easily be tailored to fit your own individual look. Many hipsters include vintage and thrift shop items as part of their wardrobe, and are always on the hunt for unusual, unique and bargain buys that add charm and individuality to their outfits. What is a hipster exactly? 'Hipster' is the term used to describe a postmodern subculture which first started to emerge in the '90s (think of Daria and Jane in the hit the TV show 'Daria') and has now become exceptionally prominent. The term 'hipster' is also associated with the indie and alternative music scene, and independent or progressive political viewpoints. Alternative lifestyles are very much what the hipster is about. Because the hipster look covers such a wide fashion choice, anything goes, whether it be jeans, sweatshirts, vintage skirts and dresses, baseball boots or brogues. The hipster style is generally quite relaxed, and you can mix and match new and old items in order to achieve your own style and personality - that's the hipster charm, and it works a treat. If you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd, why not adopt a hipster style for yourself?