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About Home Alone

In terms of Christmas family comedies, few movies have endured in quite the same way as Home Alone. The movie pitched Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, the eight year old boy who is accidentally left at home when his busy family heads off to Paris for their Christmas holiday.

Initially, Kevin absolutely relishes the idea of being home by himself. However, after a few days he has to deal with two local burglars (played with suitable pantomime villainy by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern). Kevin ends up protecting himself using a variety of remarkably violent - yet wonderfully entertaining - methods.

Though the film was released 24 years ago, it has aged very well, and can still be regularly seen on TV during the festive season.

Remarkably, as of 2009 Home Alone was still on record as being the highest-grossing comedy in history. It spawned a further four sequels (with only the second part – which continued the story in New York - containing the cast from the first film).

The movie started out as a project by Warner Brothers, but halfway through it was taken over by 20th Century Fox, with the budget being increased from $14 to $17 million as a result.

All of the Home Alone movies are available on DVD, with a number of box-sets also out there. Some include just the first two Macaulay Culkin movies, with others including the later sequels (most of which are considered inferior to the first two films). It's possible to buy the box-sets for around £10 or so.