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About Huawei E586

The Huwaei E586 is used to provide a secure internet connection to laptops, smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming devices. The E586 wireless router can be activated effortlessly with the touch of a button and the device is basically a high speed mobile hotspot. It offers internet connectivity at excellent download speeds. The device is equipped with an OLED screen, through which you can check for details regarding browsing time, signal strength, battery level, connectivity speed and the amount of data that has been downloaded.

It can support up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at any point in time. This way, you can share photos, audio/video files and other documents with friends, colleagues and family members. The E586 offers five hours of continuous use along with 280 hours in the standby battery mode – when the WiFi feature is switched off. The device can also be easily charged even while on the move as you can charge by connecting it to any USB power source.

The entire kit comes with the mobile WiFi device, USB cable, rechargeable battery (1500mAh) and a user guide. The Huwaei E586 can be a really handy device for people who are constantly travelling. It also has the potential to create considerable savings in cost since it offers up to 5 internet connections at once.

A practical device with several benefits to offer consumers on the lookout for a reliable wireless router.