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Hulk is a creation of Marvel comics and the first Hulk comic dates back to 1962. This large green human-mutate comes with great invulnerability and superhuman strength, very unlike his alter ego, Bruce Banner. The popularity of Hulk led to the release of various Hulk films.

Hulk comics and DVDs are easy to find as are other related merchandise. Watch Hulk in action or indulge in a little action of your own.

About Hulk

He's big, he's green, and he's incredibly fond of smashing. The Hulk is a hero loved by generations of children and comic book enthusiasts. eBay's top-rated sellers have a huge variety of memorabilia designed to celebrate this beloved hero. Hulk-shaped hands are a fun way for kids to add to imaginative play, while Incredible Hulk figures are high-quality collector items worth prominent display. Fans of comic books and building blocks alike will enjoy LEGO figurines and key chains. The variety of toys and collectibles celebrating this hero is nearly as large as the Hulk himself, making it easy to find something that suits you or a loved one. Many of eBay's sellers include free shipping on their new and used comic book items, allowing you to enjoy your purchase without any additional fees.