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The children’s character Humphrey is an inquisitive, adventurous, and funny three-year-old elephant. Together with big sister Lottie, little brother Jack, and favourite toy rabbit, Mop, Humphrey embarks on many fun-filled outings.

Created by writer Sally Hunter, the characters, stories, and themes are based on her own three children and memories of her childhood. With a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books, kids and parents explore the world of Humphrey and his many expeditions. Along with the books, there are soft plush stuffed animals, based on the book characters, perfect for snuggling with at night. Outfit your child’s nursery in either a Little Red Car bedding set, for boys, or a Lottie Fairy Princess bedding set for girls. Let your child’s imagination soar with the fun filled characters of Humphrey’s world.