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About Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors have come a long way since the energy-sucking lightbulb-studded models beloved by Broadway stars in the early 20th century. While these old fashioned mirrors are still available for vintage fans and wannabe divas, LED lights are now the norm. Many illuminated mirrors have modern features such as touch-activation, and the LED bulbs typically used in the industry are much more energy efficient and durable than traditional light bulbs. Illuminated mirrors can serve a functional and a decorative purpose. Large, bright lights around a mirror can negate the need for a separate light over the top of the wash basin, creating a clean and modern look in your bathroom. Many illuminated mirrors now come with a dimmer switch, so you can adjust the intensity of the light. Some will also feature a socket for your electric toothbrush or shaver, while other illuminated mirrors double up as space-saving bathroom cabinets. The popularity of illuminated mirrors has seen a huge range of products arriving on the market in recent years. Pink and orange coloured LED lights are available to create a more flattering light around the mirror, while blues and greens add a calming, futuristic edge to the bathroom space. A design feature can be made of mirror lighting, by choosing illuminated mirrors where the lights are arranged in patterns. While brighter illuminated mirrors can be wired in to your home?s electrical system, many of these mirrors require batteries. Check the type of battery you may need and keep a few spares on standby.