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Apple's first generation mobile is the iPhone 2 for its 2G connectivity, rather than the more common 3G. Apple's second-generation iPhone was actually the iPhone 3G, named for the protocol it supports, even though many people may think it means third generation.

Despite its relatively low connection speeds, the iPhone 2, or 2G, not only works as a mobile, but also makes a useful portable media player. It is even user serviceable to a degree, as anyone with some patience and the right tools can replace the screen if necessary. Cases and other accessories are still available for anyone who wants to use one as a mobile, or just pass it to a child as a media player.

About iPhone 2

Introduce yourself to the iPhone world with the original iPhone 2. Even though later versions have improved a few features and added new ones, the iPhone 2G still manages to be a tough competitor when compared to some newer smart phones. The same things that made the iPhone 2 a revolution in the mobile phone market when Apple first released it, are valuable today and sometimes are not delivered by other newer models from other manufacturers. Reliable, powerful, and packed with features, buying a used iPhone 2G could be a good deal if you want all the smart phone basics covered without hurting your wallet. An excellent 3.5-inch touchscreen, integration with iTunes, and great network connectivity including EDGE and Wi-Fi technologies, are some of the assets of the phone that revolutionised mobile communications. Top-rated sellers on eBay offer this and other iPhone models, often used or refurbished, with free delivery included sometimes.