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About iPod Nano 6th Generation

Lightweight and miniscule, the iPod Nano 6th Generation is a great choice for people always on the go. The tiny iPod Nano features a clip that users can attach to a pocket so it is not distracting when playing music while walking or exercising. In addition, this iPod Nano includes a pedometer that is useful to people who track their fitness programmes. As an Apple product, iPod Nano 6th Generation runs on an intuitive icon-based system. Users can get organised with the features of this iPod, as it allows rearranging of icons, such as Albums, Fitness, Genius Mixes, Podcasts, and Radio.

Available on eBay, the iPod Nano 6th Generation also features a multi-touch-enabled screen for easy navigation. Even the photo section of this device is easy to navigate despite the small screen. Buyers can always upgrade the earphones to maximise the audio potential of this 6th Generation iPod Nano. Due to its size and weight, it is a great companion for workout or travel.