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About iPod Touch

Introduced in 2007, Apple's iPod Touch is a portable media player capable of playing music, video, games and apps. Thanks to the built in Wi-Fi capability, users can browse the internet and send e-mail. Bluetooth is also included. Battery life depends on usage and model. There are five iPod Touch models. The first generation, released in 2007, comes in 8, 16 and 16 GB storage options. It has a 22 hour battery life. Apps such as Safari and Mail are preloaded. The second generation is virtually identical apart from a few cosmetic changes such as a metal back. The third generation offers similar specs to the iPhone 3GS and comes with either 32 or 64 GB storage options. Unlike previous models, it also offers voice control. Hold down the home button and speak commands such as 'play track' or 'pause song'. The fourth generation was released in 2010 and comes with 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB storage options. A front facing camera is included for making FaceTime calls (video calling) , along with a retina screen and a camera which can record HD video. It is powered by Apple's powerful A4 chip and a PowerVR graphics chip. The latest iPod Touch model is the fifth generation. Introduced in 2012, it offers features such as Siri '“ Apple's voice activated personal assistant '“ a quick A5 dual-core processor, full retina display and a camera which can record video in 1080p. It is available with 16, 32 and 65 GB storage options and comes in a variety of colours (blue, pink, yellow and slate). The 16 GB model does not have a rear camera.