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Julia Donaldson is a true talent. Having branched out from writing children’s songs to writing books and even novels, she has attracted a wide following of devoted fans.

Let Julia Donaldson introduce you to "The Princess and the Wizard" or "The Gruffalo's Child." Read to your children and do not be surprised if they recite the story back to you. Introducing children to stories that excite them is key to them learning to read.

About Julia Donaldson

The British author Julia Donaldson has been very successful in her publishing career, with some popular titles being 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and 'The Gruffalo'. She is an award winning author, including receiving the Children's Laureate. Julia Donaldson books are good for early readers and feature rhymes and fun illustrations that children enjoy. Julia Donaldson also does live performances, bringing her stories to life for the children. Many of Julia Donaldson board books are used in classrooms. She also writes longer fiction for older children and teens. When purchasing Julia Donaldson books on eBay from top-rated sellers, both new and used books, they will sometimes offer free shipping.