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About King Size Electric Blankets

King size electric blankets have come a long way since they were first introduced back in the 1900s. Today?s technology means that integrated devices, emergency systems, touch-button controls, ultra-thin wires and much more are now commonplace, making modern day designs ultimately more efficient. What?s more, these heated blankets are no longer purely associated with the elderly; they are now a popular choice of the younger generation too. Dual temperature control Dual temperature controls are available on many king size electric blankets. That means the temperature can be altered separately on both sides of the bed. Additional foot warming features on various brands of electric blanket are an additional way to keep out the cold. Fast, pre-heat functions are also readily obtainable. For health and safety reasons, emergency heating cut-off functions are usually firmly in place. Fleece finish Along with traditional cotton, king size electric blankets can also be found in super soft materials such as luxurious fleece ? adding a plush texture to the heated fabric. But whatever the material, all king sized electric blankets can be washed and dried quickly and easily. New or pre-owned There is a world of quality new and pre-owned king sized electric blankets available. What?s more, there is a host of brands too. These include Homefront, Cosy Comfort, Warmnite, Dreamland and Silentnight, to name but a few. It?s true that functions do vary depending upon brand, but all king size electric blankets have one feature in common; the aim to provide warmth, comfort and optimum efficiency.