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A king size mattress fits a king size bed frame, but mattress size refers only to width and length, not thickness or material. Therefore, you have many options to choose from. For example, consider conventional inner spring, memory foam or air mattress styles.

A king size mattress might feature a pillow top of varying thickness, or none. Choose the mattress you like in the right size, then choose the sheets to fit, and enjoy a fine night's sleep.

About King Size Mattresses

Measuring a spacious 5ft by 6.6ft, king size mattresses are a great choice for a master bedroom or luxurious guest room. The king size option is 6 inches wider and 3 inches longer than a standard double, making it perfect for those who like a spacious sleeping area. When buying a mattress for your bed, it pays to become familiar with the wide variety of types available. The most basic design is open coil. These budget-friendly mattresses are constructed from separate springs which are joined together to create a base. Continuous coil mattresses are similar, but are created from a single length of wire. Both of these are a good choice if you are looking for an economical mattress, but will have less support and durability than the more expensive options. Pocket sprung mattresses feature a bed of springs which are sewn into individual pockets. This provides additional support and comfort, and reduces the 'roll together' effect that some cheaper mattresses cause. All sprung mattresses have a layer of material over the springs to provide comfort. This can be made from natural materials, such as wool and cotton, which will help to keep you cool and comfortable by wicking away perspiration. Man made products, such as latex, are perfect for people who suffer from allergies and offer a practical, durable option. Memory foam has become a popular choice for the top layer, as the material is designed to react to body heat and create a unique supportive base. Solid foam mattresses without springs are an low cost alternative, and are often available with a top layer of memory foam for added comfort. These mattresses offer reduced support, and tend to be more comfortable for small adults and children.