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About Labradorite

People love to collect different crystals and gemstones. Many people believe that the gems emit energies and can have an effect on a person?s mental and physical well being. Labradorite is just one of the many that people can collect. This gemstone is beautiful. The blues and greens of the stone represent very strong powers. It strengthens intuitions and helps figure out the meaning of some dreams and visions. Labradorite stimulates imagination and enthusiasm. It also helps meditation become clearer. There are physical benefits as well. It helps with stress and anxiety as it removes negative energy and can lower blood pressure. Respiratory problems such as bronchitis and colds can be helped with labradorite. Women, specifically, can reap the benefits of this crystal. It is known for helping with PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps. Labradorite is available for purchase in many forms on eBay. Enjoy the beauty and reap the benefits of this great stone.