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About Ladies Onesie

For staying warm and comfortable on a cold night, many women like to change into a ladies' onesie to relax. These baggy jumpsuits are perfect for lounging around the house in the evening. Often made of knit cotton, fleece, or chenille, the average onesie comes with a long front zip, knitted cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and there is a shorts version as well. Other varieties may include either a hood with drawstrings or foot coverings. Available in a number of designs on eBay, these pyjamas come in different styles that include simple prints, solid colours, sporty looks, animal prints, or even whole animal or cartoon character costumes. The last style makes these jumpsuits also useable for fancy dress parties or cosplay as the Kigurmi characters made famous in Japanese anime. Ladies' onesies are available in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes. If you want to slip into something more comfortable every night, choose between cheesy, chic, plain, or fun for a onesies to match your style.