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As one of the leading names in luxury cosmetics, Lancome provides women with a wide array of beauty-related items. For instance, you can pamper yourself with luxurious skin creams that leave your skin feeling like silk.

In addition, you can create a beautiful make-up look with essential -up products like foundation, eyeshadow, blushes, and lipsticks. Top off your silky smooth skin and meticulously crafted make-up by spritzing yourself with delicate fragrances from the Lancome line to enjoy the luxury it has to offer.

About Lancome

Lancome is a French cosmetics firm with world-renowned luxury products. It was founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935 and has been owned by L'Oreal since 1964. The high-end brand is loved by men and women around the globe for its skin care, fragrances and makeup. When Petitjean created Lancome the idea was to produce beauty goods to deliver French elegance. The name was inspired by the ruins of a castle called Le Chateau de Lancosme, and the roses in the region inspired the company's symbol. Today, Lancome is promoted and represented by actresses, supermodels and makeup artists and has collaborated with many beauty industry professionals to create new products. The first five Lancome fragrances were launched at the World's Fair in Brussels in 1935 and today the brand's scents are made in association with some of the world's leading perfumers. The Hypnose mascara is one of Lancome's most well-known products. The Visionnaire range of skincare products is also among the brand's key offerings and contains a patented ingredient called LR 2412. This claims to improve skin texture quality by reducing pores and fine lines and evening the skin tone. The Dreamtone serum is also one of the leading products and this claims to improve colour irregularities such as sun spots and blemishes. It comes in fair, medium and dark skin tones. For all sorts of skincare and makeup products Lancome has leading items that are loved by people the world over. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift Lancome products are a great choice.