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About Laura Geller

Laura Geller beauty produces a wide range of make-up products suitable for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips. The company also produces brushes to aid in the application of make up, and has a variety of kits that assemble various different products into one useful bundle. They also have products designed primarily for skincare purposes.

Laura Geller make-up for the face includes primers, foundation in both cream and powder form, concealers, bronzers and highlighters as well as a range of creams including BB cream and CC cream. All the make-up in the face collection is designed to be applied to the face either in specific locations to hide spots and blemishes, or all over for an even skin tone.

Application depends on the product itself. Many of the products can be used together and are advised so to reach their full potential. The make-up comes in an array of colours so suit all skin types and skin tones. These include beige, bronze, brown, gold, multi, nude, orange, peach, pink, purple and uncoloured. Many of the bronzers and foundations come with a mirror in the lid to aid in the application.

Make up designed for the cheeks only primarily consists of blushers. Blusher can be applied with fingers or an accompanying brush for a more even application. Laura Geller blushers also come in the same wide range of colours the face make up does, in order to suit all skin types.

Laura Geller eye make-up consists of eyeshadows, eyeliners, primers, mascaras, lashes and brows. The eye make-up collection is designed for application on various different parts of the eye area, including the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids. Due to the style of the make-up, there is a wider range of colours for the eye make up than the face make up. As well as the same colours as the blushers and face make up, auburn, black, blue, charcoal, green, red, silver, taupe and yellow are also available. This is because eye make up is a lot more experimental and does not have to simply match the user?s natural skin tone.

Make up designed for the lips includes primers, lip gloss, lip stick and lip liners. Similarly to eye make up, Laura Gellar lip make-up has the added colour of red as well as the standard skin tone colours. The lip stick comes in a variety of forms, from standard lip stick to lip crayons and liquid lip stick.

There is also a wide range of kits available that incorporate a selection of different items of make-up that are designed to be used together to gain a specific desired effect. Among others there is the Smouldering Skies Collection, the Portofino Collection and the Chocolate Fix. All kits contain items of make up suitable for different parts of the face that are designed to be used together. Other kits that only include one type of make up but a variety of that type include the Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner Eet, the Eye Rimz Collection and the Waterproof Eyeliner Island Trio.