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About Leather Pouffes

Long associated with Moroccan furnishings and with the sumptuous home décor of the Middle East in general, the pouffe is a stuffed and padded footrest, typically upholstered in leather. A genuine leather pouffe is somewhat similar to a firm and oversized cushion in that it does not have any visible legs. The lack of legs is what differentiates a pouffe from a footstool. Pouffes are sometimes confused with ottomans, but the difference between the two is that the pouffe is a solid item of furniture, whereas the ottoman has a lid which can be removed to reveal storage space inside it. Buyers who are seeking either a leather pouffe or an ottoman should look at both kinds of items as the seller may not be aware of the difference between the two. Leather pouffes have long been a well-loved item of furniture, even as far back as Victorian times, and so it is no surprise that high quality vintage and pre-owned pouffes are often available to buyers. For buyers who would prefer to acquire a new leather pouffe, there are interesting and often ornately decorated examples available that have been imported from Morocco and elsewhere in the world. These may be offered for sale in a range of colours from sedate browns and creams to vibrant reds and golds. Very often, these traditional items of furniture have been handcrafted and may feature the kind of unique characteristics and minor imperfections associated with items that have been handmade by craftsmen rather than on a production line.