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About Lecterns

Lecterns are commonly used in seminars and religious gatherings

Lecterns help speakers improve posture and maintain regular eye contact with the audience while addressing them.

A traditional lectern is generally made of fine grade wood like oak and is often used by religious figures while addressing a large gathering. Modern day lecterns used in seminars usually come with a microphone stand and also offers built in shelves to accommodate audio visual equipment with amplifying capabilities.

The above collection from eBay, features a wide variety of lecterns all of which have been styled to cater to a variety of needs. This includes gothic styled oak lecterns for church ceremonies, book stand lecterns for libraries, beech effect folding lecterns for seminars, wireless amplified lecterns, wooden lecterns for restaurant reservations and metal truss lite lecterns for speeches.

The choice of designs on offer are extensive, which includes minimalist, traditional or modernly stylised lecterns. The simplest lecterns are made of metal and its height can be adjusted as per height

The collection also features lecterns with extendable trays that allows the speaker to place electronic devices like laptops in close proximity. This can be very useful while giving a presentation through the use of OHP projectors and prevents the speaker from having to move constantly while changing slides.