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About Lego Keyrings

In the world of children's toys, there are few more renowned names than Lego. These famous construction toys continue to educate, entertain and inspire children all over the world.

The company's genesis took place in 1932, when a Danish carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen began to make wooden toys in his workshop. After two years of success, he decided to name his company Lego, a term adapted from the Danish phrase Leg Godt, translated as simply 'play well'.

In 1947, the company began producing plastic toys in addition to their wooden ranges and in 1949 the first early versions of the now celebrated interlocking bricks were created and called "automatic binding bricks".

In 1954, Ole's son Godtfred had become the junior managing director for the company and it was his conversation with an overseas buyer that inspired the idea for a toy system, Godtfred seeing the immense potential in using the Lego bricks to both educate and inspire the young. A re-design of the bricks increased flexibility and five years later the ideal material for manufacturing them was discovered. In 1958, the bricks now famous throughout the world were officially patented. Interestingly, the bricks from that year are still compatible with the ones on sale today!

Today, a range of other products, including video games and even Lego key rings are available. For example, a Lego keyring can be purchased in a range of different styles, mimicking the many different ranges that are available within the company as a whole. Some of the most popular include those based from movies or TV shows such as Star Wars or TMNT.