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About Lego Superman

LEGO Superman sets combine all the excitement of Superman movies and comics with the fun of building with LEGO bricks. There are three Superman sets from the "Superman: Man of Steel" movie. These are the Metropolis Showdown set, the Battle of Smallville set, and the Black Zero Escape set. The first set recreates the final battle between Superman and General Zod. It includes a black and yellow car that can be catapulted off a ramp, a satellite tower, and, of course, the two minifigures of Superman and General Zod. The second set is much larger and includes five minifigures, three of which are found only in this set, as well as a dropship with adjustable wings and a cannon, an off-road vehicle, and several weapons. The Black Zero Escape set recreates the scene in which Lois Lane escapes from the Black Zero, and includes a pod, flick-fire missiles, and three minifigures. eBay has many reliable sellers who offer complete Superman sets, as well as individual pieces and minifigures to complete your model or LEGO collection.