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Levi's denim jeans and shirts have become an essential part of many wardrobes. Classic styling and durable materials mean that they never go out of style.

The 501 jeans feature a straight cut and button-fly for a comfortable fit, while the loose-fitting style offers additional room in the thigh and crotch. Choose vintage cut-off shorts to show off your legs in the summer and complete the casual look with a branded plaid shirt. Get used to durable comfort in Levi's.

About Levis

Levi Strauss & Co, also known as LS&Co., or more commonly, 'Levi's' is a clothing company founded in San Francisco, US in 1853 by Levi Strauss. History of the Brand Levi Strauss regularly sold lengths of denim to a tailor named Jacob Davis, from his wholesale store. Davis envisioned the initial idea for blue jeans after a customer repeatedly returned to his store to buy cloth to fix his torn work trousers. Davis used copper rivets to reinforce the weakest parts of the trousers, and the beginnings of the jeans we know and love today were beginning to take shape. Davis didn't have enough money to apply for a patent himself, so acquired the financial backing of Levi Strauss. By 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a US patent for a pair of denim work pants complete with rivets. This patent would soon come to be known as the first pair of blue jeans in the world. To the Masses In the 1920s, jeans were the uniform of working men, before filtering into pop culture. Levi's jeans were seen on many sub-cultures, including hippies, mods, rockers and skinheads in later decades. Levi's Today Today, Levi's jeans are available to men, women and children and the design has remained virtually unchanged since 1873. The brand now carries shirts and casual wear as well as their iconic jeans and shorts, and vintage Levi's are always in huge demand. Levi's '501' Levi's '501' jeans were first created in the 1980s, and remains the most popular design to date. The 501 line of jeans are so popular because of their unique 'shrink to fit' nature.