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About Loft Hatches

A loft hatch offers convenient access to a loft and will come in colours to match your ceiling (typically white although wood and other finishes are available if required). In order to meet building regulations they will need to have fire resistant properties and will fit in to a secure frame installed in to the structure of the building and ceiling. You will be able to find wood loft hatches, metal or plastic depending on personal preference and there will also be a number of opening or locking mechanisms available. In some cases the loft hatch will come complete with draw down stairs to offer easier access to the loft. These are larger hatches to accommodate the stairs and provide room for you to fit through the hatch. The stairs will fold up when closed and use a series of pulleys and runners to lower the stairs or ladder when the hatch is opened. A locking mechanism will be fitted to ensure the steps do not come down unexpectedly and will be operated either by push button release or locking clip. For simpler and lower cost option you will be able to choose from a hinged or gravity secured hatch. The gravity secured hatch is the simplest configuration and consists of a hatch that sits on a lip on the frame of the opening. To open it is pushed upwards and left in the loft or removed by tilting at an angle to get out of the opening. Hinged systems will be secure to one end of the opening and when unlocked can be opened into the loft or released to hang below the ceiling depending on your preference.