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About Log Stores

Do you enjoy keeping a wood-burning fireplace at home, but dislike the piles of wood you need to have around? You can keep unsightly piles of cut wood contained by placing them in a log store structure. Should you select a non-treated wood option, you can stain the rustic exterior to protect the wood from the elements. With several size options available, an entire winter’s supply of wood can fit in a single structure. It is also possible to store other items in the log store, such as yard tools, mulch, and ice melting products. If you prefer an enclosed structure, you can add doors with locks to keep wood absolutely dry during wet periods, and keep local wildlife out.

If you just have a small amount of wood to contain, consider a single compartment unit. You can find the log storage receptacle in the size that you need right on eBay, even if you want to store items other than wood. Consumers who buy log stores find themselves using the area for small landscaping items and plants during the warmer months. Invest in a log store structure to keep your patio area nice and tidy throughout the year.