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About Lush

Lush is a cosmetic retailer that specialises in ethically sourced and produced products. The company was founded in 1994 by Mo and Mark Constantine, but has existed under different incarnations since the 1970s. Their first shop was opened in Poole with the original name Cosmetic House Limited, selling handmade cosmetic goods. The current name was adopted in 1995 and since then the company has expanded rapidly with more than 800 stores in 51 countries. The brand is well known and respected for its ethical business and manufacturing practices. Lush do not test their products on animals, or use supplies from companies who use animal testing, opting instead to use human volunteers. In addition, Lush do not use animal fats in their products which for the most part are entirely vegetarian or vegan. Lush have also moved to eliminate ingredients whose production is environmentally destructive, such as palm oil, from their products. Finally, Lush directly supports certain campaign groups involved with animal rights and environmentalism as part of their ethos. Lush's ranges include perfumes, facial scrubs and moisturisers, moisturising soaps, shower gels and soaps and bath products. Within each range there are a number of different recipes designed with different skin types and sensitivities in mind. More unusual items include Shower Jellies which are semi-solid body washes, blocks of solid toothpaste and the ever popular "bath-bombs", balls of bicarbonate of soda infused with various colours and fragrances to enhance the bath-time experience. Lush also have a number of Christmas (and non-Christmas) gift sets containing selections of bath-bombs and soaps.