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Useful bolts, such as M8 bolts, act as fasteners in conjunction with nuts. Often confused with screws, bolts usually have unthreaded shanks, except for at the ends, to help with resistance to sideways shear forces. The bolts measure 8 mm across the flats of the bolt heads.

When shopping, make sure to get bolts with the correct thread diameter and length for the items you want to hold together. Grab some M8 bolts and finally complete that project you started.

About M8 Bolts

Every builder needs M8 bolts. There are several types available, such as the M8 Allen bolt, M8 stainless bolts, or M8 hex bolts. The Allen and hex bolts have different shaped heads that need a specific tool to tighten them. Stainless bolts are often recommended because they do not rust, so they last for a long time. Look for bolts in bulk or small sets that consist of 10, 25, 50, or more. Calculate how many M8 bolts are needed for a range of projects. Shop for them new or used on eBay and look for free delivery from selected Top-rated sellers.