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About Macerators

A macerator pump is the perfect solution if you cannot install and connect toilets, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, baths, and showers directly to your main sewage system. You can install a macerating unit, which is best suited to gravity flow discharges, relatively easily, and without costly and disruptive masonry work. eBay sellers offer macerator pumps of varying sizes with a range of pipe outlet sizes suited to differing macerating applications. A macerator pump chews up and liquefies human waste, toilet paper, and waste food and flushes it through smaller pipes, generally of 22 mm in diameter, either directly into your exterior drainage system or into your existing internal sewage system. You can also hook up your sink, shower, or bathtub. The pump is easy to install and compact enough to sit behind the toilet or be hidden away in a cupboard. Improve the performance of your waste disposal system or install a bathroom facility in a loft space or cellar by using a macerator pump instead of standard plumbing.