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About Magnifying Glasses

A magnifying glass is an essential tool for anyone who needs to make objects appear larger and clearer. It is designed around a simple convex lens which creates a magnified image of the object. A basic magnifying glass is a typically circular handheld device which can be easily held up to an object or book. Magnifying glasses are produced in all shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes. Reading Magnifiers are excellent for aiding reading, particularly for those with poor eyesight. They are usually lightweight and small enough to be held in the hand or hung from the neck. Sheet magnifiers are designed in the shape of large rectangular frames for reading large pages and newspapers much easier. Contemporary models often feature LED lights to brighten the reading material. Crafts Some large models of magnifiers incorporate feet or a loop that in the design, which allows the magnifier to be stood on a worktop or hung from the neck to make it hands free. This allows the user to magnify objects while they work. This type of magnifying glass can be used for fine craftwork such as knitting or needlework. Jewellery In the jewellery industry, magnifying glasses are used for fine close up work and inspection of jewellery pieces and watches. They often feature an LED bulb to brighten the object. A jeweller?s magnifying glass can be a small folding device that is designed to be held up to the eye, or may be worn on the face like a pair of glasses when both hands are required.