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DIYers use Makita batteries to run power tools such as a hammer drill. Eventually, the wireless drill uses up battery life and requires a Makita charger for the tool to continue to operate.

Always make sure you know the power tool’s model number in order to purchase, for example, a 12 or 18 volt Makita charger. Makita does not recommend using an off brand battery charger as the voltage and amperage may be different and damage the tool.

About Makita Chargers

Anyone who has ever worked with power tools knows the advantage of having a cordless system, which is something that a Makita charger can provide you. Whether you are drilling, sawing, hammering, or blowing, it is nice to have the freedom of portability and ease of use of cordless tools. Makita is an industry leader in lithium-ion-powered equipment, providing everything from hedge trimmers to power cutters. In order to keep the tools working for as long as possible, a proper battery charger is crucial; this is where the Makita charger comes in. This charger is specifically designed for Makita batteries and it charges them in the most efficient way possible. Using three active controls, current, voltage, and terminal, this charger maximises battery life and charges batteries in as little as 30 minutes. You can purchase one of these durable chargers from any reliable eBay sellers offering this innovation. Do not let your batteries die mid-saw. Grab a charger that gets you the most out of your cordless tools.