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About Makita Cordless Drills

Makita is generally considered to be the foremost manufacturer of professional and consumer power tools in the world, and their cordless power drills are particularly popular. Such drills are a convenient alternative to the corded version as their long lasting battery packs ensure they can be used virtually anywhere without having to bother about the potential hazards and inconvenience of trailing cables. Surprisingly, it wasn?t until 1959 that Makita became an electric power tool manufacturer. Ten years later the company introduced their first rechargeable power tool, the 6500D battery powered drill. Its success led to Makita making cordless power drills a major aspect of their business strategy. Makita began to spread throughout the world in the 70s, opening plants in a number of countries. In 1978 came their 6010D rechargeable drill, the first tool with a nickel cadmium battery. Their first nickel hydride battery drill followed in 1997, and in 2005 they began using lithium ion batteries, with the superior battery charge life they offer. Makita cordless drills boast a well deserved reputation for being powerful, robust and having well considered ergonomics. The company believes that the foundation of a great power tool is a great motor. They make armature shafts and gears using only premium grade steel and superior current flow is ensured by using only high grade copper wire. Quality control is very stringent. There are nineteen tests carried out on the motors alone. A wide selection of Makita cordless drills are available, both new and used, and include standard drills which are very useful for general DIY, hammer drills for penetrating harder materials, and drills with interchangeable screwdriver heads to take the drudgery out of jobs which would otherwise involve a lot of manual effort.