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About Makita Radios

The Makita Corporation is a manufacturer of power tools for both consumers and professionals based in Anjo, Japan, but having manufacturing plants around the world. The company was founded in 1915 and began by repairing and selling motors, transformers and lighting equipment. Makita became a producer of electric power tools in 1959 and have gone on to become a trusted name in the power tool field. In addition to the wide range of tools they offer, Makita also produce radios specifically designed for job sites and workshops. Music on the job can certainly make the day more enjoyable and run a little more smoothly, but work site damage to portable radios can be frequent as they are not often designed to withstand the rough handling, knocks, falls and soiling they are often subject to in busy and frequently dirty environments. To answer this need Makita have designed a range of robust and resilient radios which can be powered from the mains or a Makita power tool battery. They have thick rubber over-moulds like bumpers for absorbing impacts and are water resistant, able to stand up to five minutes of exposure to rain. They have powerful stereo anti-shock speakers and a folding carry handle with a rubber grip, and yet the whole thing weighs just over four kilos. There is a large back lit digital quartz display and useful alarm systems are included. Makita radios, some of which are DAB enabled, are available both new and used, in white, blue or black. Accessories such as aerials and power leads are also offered.