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About Man United

Manchester United is one of the biggest football teams in the world. Founded in 1878, it is the most globally followed team on the planet, valued at over $3 billion; they have won a record 20 league titles and 11 FA cups. For every Manchester United fan, there is a wide variety of memorabilia options to choose from - sometimes it is difficult to pick which one would be most suitable. Shirts are constantly popular amongst fans and can be customised to bear the number and name of a fan's favourite player, although there is nothing stopping someone from picking any name or number of their choice! Shirts are available in home, away and alternative versions. Home shirts for Manchester United are typically red in colour but away and variant strips can change in colour from season to season. Other collectables include posters and stickers. Posters, often depicting a key moment in the club's history - such as winning the treble in 1997 - are sometimes signed and would make a key addition to any fan's collection. It is also possible to buy tickets from key matches from previous years or even future matches at discounted prices. Sometimes future tickets are more expensive second hand, especially if the game concerned is exceptionally big or important. Once all of these gifts have been bought, what could be better than wrapping them up in paper decorated in the team's iconic red strip complete with depictions of the club crest? Themed wrapping paper is a great way of wrapping presents for those who really cannot get enough of their team.