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About Master Replicas Lightsaber

Master Replicas produce realistic lightsabers that are fun for all the family. They are available in a selection of colours to coordinate with your favourite Stars Wars characters. The lightsabers are based on the models used in Star Wars Episodes IV - VI, and replicate original props very well, even having a reassuringly weighty feel, despite being powered by just three AA batteries. The saber's blade is permanently attached to its hilt, and cannot be removed. It comes with a stand for easy display. Each lightsaber measures 120 centimetres and has an authentic appearance. It's also possible to attach the stand to a wall if desired. The blade can be turned on simply by sliding the switch up, making the blade light up impressively. These lightsabers work best at night when the full lighting effect can be seen. They are perfect for engaging in play battles with friends or family members. However, it should be noted here that these lightsabers are not for actual duelling, and physical contact such as hitting them together may mark or damage the product. Another great feature of the Master Replicas lightsaber, is the sound effects which are very realistic and have been recorded from the movie. These include 'power on', 'down' and 'idle' sounds, as well as clashing sounds for when you swing the blade. Master Replicas lightsabers are thought of as being very collectable, and are produced mainly for display.