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About MB Games

MB Games is an American board game company that was founded by Milton Bradley

The company was established at Springfield, Massachusetts in 1890. MB Games is today a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. and is often acknowledged for being one of the pioneers who made board games popular with the masses.

Milton Bradley is himself credited with developing the game The Checkered Game of Life which had players start from infancy and finally ending in a happy old age home. The key to winning the game was to try and avoid financial ruin during the course of play.

MB Games has developed and successfully marketed several board games over the last hundred years. The above collection from eBay features some of MB’s most popular board games. These include Crossfire, Guess Who, Hangman, Simpsons Game of Life, Ghost Castle, New Downfall, Dragster, Operation, Taboo, New Ker-Plunk, Go for Broke, Donkey Kong, Downfall, Lite Brite, Battleship and Scattergories.

Browse through the extensive catalogue to check and see the games which are not yet part of your collection. Board Games are a lot of fun and is the ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon with friends and family. These games are reasonably priced and offer very good value for money.