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About Meat Mincers

Meat mincers have been used in the food industry for years and are becoming a popular item for the home kitchen. Electing to mince your own meat allows you to better control the quality and fat content of your mince as you select the meat to mince and the quantity you wish to produce. The process of mincing is a relatively simple one. The meat is passed through a vessel where it is cut by blades and forced through an exit gate or cutting plate to produce the mince lengths. In these devices you have the option of a hand mincer that uses rotational force to mince the meat, or an electric mincer that will power the machine for you. Many of the meat mincers available to you will come with a choice of blade options and cutting plates. These will determine the diameter of your mince meat so be sure to select an option that best suits your requirements. The length of the mince meat is easy to control. A meat mincer will produce a continuous length of meat whilst there is meat in the machine, allowing you to cut it to your desired length. Many of the meat mincers are able to double up us sausage fillers as the process needed for both functions is very similar. You will need to remove or replace the cutting plate for sausages and attach the sausage skin in its place should you require this function on your meat mincer.