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Add comfort, longevity, and quality to your mattress with a memory foam mattress topper. Made from polyurethane, the unique material conforms to your body and provides utmost support.

A topper is durable, easy to clean, and efficient. It updates old mattresses to give them a new feeling. Try an orthopedic hypo-allergenic topper to deter allergens, dust, and dirt. Add king, queen, double, or twin memory foam mattress topper options to beds in your home for optimum sleep quality.

About Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A memory foam mattress topper covers the top of a memory foam mattress, adding an extra layer of cushion comfort between you and the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers also produce more warmth, which comes in handy during the colder months of the year. Many users purchase topper to enhance their sleeping experiences on worn or uncomfortable mattress. Most mattresses change shapes over time and the topper reconfigures the mattress to conform to the sleeper's position.

The topper does not provide benefits unless the memory foam mattress possesses enough density to absorb weight and body movement. Manufacturers produce mattresses with high-density memory foam that lasts for years. The topper can remain in near mint condition, but that does not matter if you purchase a low-density memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress covers never require you to flip the mattress, since the mattress invariably rebounds to its original form. Buy your comfortable memory foam topper by shopping online at eBay.