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About Menu Boards

When you are first starting your restaurant, nothing gets customers in the door more than a menu board covered with tantalising descriptions of excellently-prepared foods. You can advertise pricing, deals, specials, and the dish for which the restaurant is known to entice people walking by to join you for a cup of coffee, a great stew, or your homemade bangers and mash. The boards come in many varieties including those with oak borders, waterproof board material, and those that are suitable for both regular and liquid chalk. There is no need to worry about rain ruining your menu board and your marketing plan. Many menu boards also come with lockable stay brackets to help them remain stable in wind as opposed to boards with a chain that are easily knocked over. Menu boards are the trendy way to advertise your menu both inside and outside of your restaurant, and if you just opened your doors, take advantage of this easy display to grab customers with your excellent food and specials.