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Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928, and the popularity of this cartoon character has only risen since. Mickey Mouse, with his typical red shorts, white gloves, and yellow shoes is part of most children’s growing up.

A Mickey Mouse plush toy is a good way to introduce a young one to this character, and other Mickey Mouse toys like balls, bath toys, and toy phones can follow . Familiarise your young one with Mickey Mouse, and do not forget Mickey's friends.

About Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has become the face of Walt Disney and one of the most instantly recognisable characters in the world. The lovable mouse has been with us since 1928 and shows no sign of slowing down in his old age. He has appeared on every possible form of merchandise, in films, on TV and is likely to outlive us all. His perennial popularity makes Mickey Mouse more than a cartoon character, he's a piece of all of our histories. Originally known as Mortimer Mouse, he made his first appearance in Plane Crazy before making his official debut in Steamboat Willie. Along with his girlfriend Minnie and his dog Pluto, Mickey Mouse has gone on to become a cornerstone of popular culture. He started out as a mischievous antihero, but his popularity led to a rethink and Mickey was rebranded as a flawed hero that the public could relate to. It was the start of an amazing adventure for Disney and Mickey, with endless cartoons hitting the TV screens and 1940's Fantasia proving one of the most successful animated films of all time. Disney has continuously reinvented Mickey over the years, although the basic premise of his life remains the same he has been redrawn and reimagined in terms of character to maintain his relevance to the children of the day. This has been repaid countless times in terms of merchandising and Mickey has appeared on sandwich boxes, in video games, on watches and just about everything else. There is a raging market in old Mickey Mouse memorabilia due to his cultural significance and the early drawings are highly-prized by collectors. The modern merchandise is just as popular with today's children and he is seen as a safe bet by parents wishing to get their child a present.