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About Microphone Stand

Every band needs a microphone stand. Not only bands, but anywhere where there's a gathering of people and speeches or talks are being held. The straight-up stand is the most basic type and the one that's been traditionally used. These days, of course, there's a wide range of styles and kinds, including the flexible arm stand that's popular in radio studios, as it can easily reach to where hosts or guests are seated. The boom microphone stand is particularly useful in recording situations, as well as for performances of music, as it allows an arm holding the microphone to be placed horizontally and in closer proximity to the sound source, whether that's a person singing or talking or the sound of a musical instrument, such as a piano or drums. Vintage microphone stands have become retro-popular in recent years. Employing designs originally used in the early days of recording, broadcasting and performances, these stylish stands, and indeed the microphones themselves, add a dash of class to any outing. Other types include microphone table stands, which are useful for events such as press conferences, where reporters can place and angle their microphones at the speaker or speakers, and desktop microphone stands, for such uses as mobile broadcasting and recording. Among the newcomers to the microphone stand world is the Hercules stand, which clamps a tablet computer in place. It screws onto a standard microphone stand can be used for anything ranging from reading music to using music apps, with easy movement, portrait or landscape, to facilitate the user.