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About Milling Cutters

Milling and machining can be very difficult tasks when using wrong milling cutters. Whether you need a face, end, or slot milling cutter, choosing one of the right size and with right coatings can make all the difference. Manufacturers construct many mill cutters out of high-speed steel, which is a cobalt steel alloy, or of tungsten carbide in a cobalt lattice. Carbide cutters can operate at around twice the speed of high-speed steel ones, but to prevent breakage, your machine tool must have a solid spindle and be rigid. Coated carbide cutters can last longer than regular ones and run at high speeds. Common coatings for a carbide cutter include titanium nitride and titanium aluminium nitride. eBay boasts a large assortment of cutters and tools. All you have to do is choose the right one based on your needs. Some work great for general machining, while others can handle tough alloys. Get the right milling cutter and easily work on any material.