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The Great Cumbrae Island, also known as the Isle of Cumbrae, is the larger of two Cumbrae islands situated off the coast of South West Scotland. The smaller island is called Little Cumbrae. Collectively, the two islands are known as The Cumbraes. Located on Great Cumbrae is the University Marine Biological Station, part of the central academic body of the University of London. The island also has an 18 hole golf course, two football pitches and a bowling green.

The island's main town is the Scottish town of Millport, which has a population of around 1500 people and falls into the North Ayrshire council area. It is located some 10 minutes from the mainland town of Largs in Ayrshire. The Garrison House at the centre of the town was burnt down in 2001 but a restoration project costing £5.5 million took place to return the building to its former state and was completed in 2008. The name of Millport comes from a grain mill on Cardiff Street on the island. Millport is home to the smallest cathedral in Great Britain, which seats 100 people. The building was completed in 1851. Since the turn of the 1900s the town has become a tourist resort, with much of the local economy based on tourism.