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About MiniDiscs

A MiniDisc player is a good investment for those who enjoy listening to music and creating their own custom playlists. A concept developed by Sony in 1992 and later adopted by various other manufacturers, a MiniDisc player allows one to use a specialized disc-based storage device called a 'MiniDisc' for recording, storing, and editing audio files. Most users find MiniDiscs to be more convenient than regular CDs or cassettes, which do not support re-recording and editing of files. To buy yourself a MiniDisc player or accessories compatible with it, browse through eBay. Here, you can find a wide variety of such products, ranging from new and used MiniDiscs and players to MiniDisc case carriers. When making your purchase, try to find good deals by top-rated sellers, who often offer cost-cutting benefits such as free postage and packaging.