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About Minosharp Wheels

Traditional knife sharpening methods with a diamond, ceramic, or metal rod can be problematic for first-time users. MinoSharp wheels allow for an excellently sharpened knife with only a ceramic wheel, water, and a few strokes back and forth. This tool comes with three types of wheels including a rough one for dull knives that have been neglected, a medium one for regular knife sharpening maintenance, and a superfine one for that finale of edge polishing. The MinoSharp wheels are also easy to replace and come in a variety of colours and pack sizes. You can buy in bulk or just replace one single piece of your ceramic wheels at a time. This sharpening kit gives even a novice chef the ability to sharpen his or her knives with ease and without fear of accidental cuts in the process. MinoSharp tools allow you to be the chef you always wanted to be without the pain and problems of cutting with, or sharpening, a dull knife.