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One of the reasons a monkey makes such a popular toy is because it has such a close resemblance to humans. A toy monkey features arms as well as legs, often lacks a tail, and is usually shown wearing some form of clothing. You can find stuffed monkeys, sock monkeys, and other monkeys.

Giving a young child a stuffed monkey to hug can be a great way to break the ice. Make children smile.

About Monkeys

Everyone loves monkeys, and with very good reason: they are fascinating and adorable creatures. Here are some fun facts about them that you might not have known. There are around 260 different types of monkeys around the world. The howler monkey is the loudest of the lot. When they scream, they make themselves heard up to one hundred miles away. Capuchin monkeys are the smart cookies of the monkey world. They are an inventive bunch, using rocks to smash nuts and large branches to clobber snakes. Capuchins use branches to scoop out food from within the barks of tress. They also protect their hands with gloves made of leaves. Spider monkeys have long arms, legs and tails and can swing arm-to-arm in trees. Titi monkeys are romantics, mating for life and showing affection by staying close to one another, holding hands, cuddling and smacking lips. The smallest monkeys in the world, the Pygmy Marmoset, are just six inches tall. By comparison, the largest, the male Mandrill, measures around three feet and three inches in height. Monkeys, like us, are social creatures who live in families, which are known as 'troops'. Made up of about one hundred monkeys, their family sizes are a little larger than ours! Some monkeys live in trees, others on ground. Though they are great swimmers, monkeys are not too keen on water and most eat fruit, flowers, leaves, insects and reptiles. You can find a range of cute cuddly toys. Look out for the famous PG Tips monkey, or one of TY's collectable beanie monkeys.