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About Moroccan Lamps

Adding a colourful touch to any room in your house is easy. Cushions, curtains and rugs are all great ways to brighten up a space. But if you?re looking for something a little different, and want to create a room that really stands out from the crowd, there?s nothing more ideal than a Moroccan lamp. Bright, colourful and eclectic, they add a touch of the exotic to even the plainest of rooms. One of the most popular and authentic styles of Moroccan lamp is the Henna lamp. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, they?re made by stretching hand painted goatskin over an iron frame. Suitable as both table and floor lamps, the traditional Moroccan henna designs will add an authentic African feel while still working with the existing décor. Larger Moroccan henna floor lamps are often a metre or more in height, and make a great feature in themselves. A table lamp is one of the easiest and most practical ways to bring a sense of style to a room. Not only does the right lighting add a certain something, but the bright colours and patterns can make even the darkest space seem brighter. Moroccan table lamps are particularly effective at doing this. From cutwork metal lanterns to beautiful and complex mosaics, there?s something to fit in with almost every interior style. Choose from a range of materials, including brass, crystal and metal, and a huge selection of finishes, bright colours, eclectic patterns and traditional motifs.